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ERPsim™ – Simulating SAP New Generation ERP (S/4HANA)

Simulating SAP New Generation ERP – S/4HANA

ERPsim™  Propels You on Your Digital Transformation Journey It engages your people in a challenge that pits teams against each other to solve problems, motivating them to embrace ERP and buy into your digital transformation initiative.   ERPsim™ Simulate a Real-Life Business Scenarios Runs on a live SAP ERP system, in a fast-paced three real-life […]

Digital Acceleration Solution (DAS)

Solutions (DAS)

DAS Revolutionizes Enterprise Software by Empowering Users to Support & Initiate Change    DAS is a family of capabilities , that work together to : DAS enables leaders to normalize rapid change by aiding in the successful implementation and roll-out of enterprise web-based applications. DAS is a family of capabilities that work together to provide […]

Digital Acceleration Solution – (DAS) Language Localizer

Solutions – Language
Localizer (DAS-LL)

Digital Acceleration Solution  Language Localizer (DAS-LL) Helps expanding Globally  Enterprise Web Applications with agility and no R&D investment Baton’s DAS Language Localizer  (DAS-LL) Simplifies language localization of web-based enterprise software, eliminates language barriers, and accelerates adoption across international markets and organizations. DAS Language Localizer  (DAS-LL) Is a real-time translation management solution for web-based software applications […]